Baby House Wren

I think I mentioned before that there was a crazy House Wren building a nest inside the (functional) well pump head.  Thankfully we don’t NEED that pump, but we try to keep it functional as a backup water source, and to get water from for watering needs around the yard to help cut the water bill.  So I wasn’t thrilled to see the Wren building his nest in it.  But until he’s done with the nest there wasn’t much to be done.

There is at least one baby in the nest:



And the parents are busting their butts to keep it fed:

IMGB2090 IMGB2091 IMGB2092 IMGB2094


Not looking forward to cleaning that one out……

2 thoughts on “Baby House Wren”

  1. Birds find the strangest places to build their nests. I once had a nest in a planter at the front door to my previous house. The porch was only 7 x 5 – centered on the door, so there was constant traffic in and out. Don’t know why they would build in such a busy place when there were acres of woods around to do so. Was cool watching the progress though.

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