Garden update

The garden is coming along nicely for the most part.


The first White Cherry Tomatoes



The first of the Blue Berries Tomatoes



More cucumbers, two Black Icicle tomatoes and a Buena Mulata pepper

The various melons are ripening.  I did staggered plantings of the watermelons and cantaloupe this year in an attempt to keep from being overwhelmed with fruit all at once.  We’ll see how that actually works.

Anyone know anything about the Golden Crispy Melon?  I got a packet of freebie seeds, and went ahead and planted them, but I can’t find alot of info on them, including how to tell when they’re ripe!

Something appears to be killing off my carrots.


Not sure if its a watering issue or what.  I guess I’ll go pick some carrots and see what I’ve got.

Overall though the garden is doing quite well!



In other news, I sold this Saturday at work:


I can’t decide if I ought to praise the guy for planning ahead.  Or if I ought to be pissed at him for reminding me winter is coming!

Anyone know what this flower is?

KIMG1110 KIMG1111 KIMG1112

It looks REALLY familiar, like I ought to recognize it.  But nothing’s jumping at me.

3 thoughts on “Garden update”

    • oooh, maybe I’ll see if I can save seeds!

      I have the rain barrels and the soaker hoses to thank for the garden being in the shape its in. Without them I’d have been trying to run the sprinkler constantly and likely failing!

  1. They will self sow, and you can indeed save seeds. They are really easy. We are going nuts trying to water and now the kids are out setting up a trough for the tree cows, even though there are two ponds and a stream, plus a little water hole Ralph dug, out in their pasture.

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