The one plant in the garden that the wild critters REALLY want to munch on this year has been my cantaloupe vines.

As soon as the vines inch past the line of repellent the ends are chomped off.  Nothing else has been chewed on this way, just the cantaloupe.  I’ve managed to keep the damage at a minimum by religiously spraying the new growth once a week or so, but if I forget……

Apparently the first cantaloupe melon ripened late yesterday, or possibly even overnight.  Its my one gripe about this variety, it’ll go from GREEN to RIPE in less than 24hrs.

And apparently the scent of the ripe fruit was to much to resist for whoever was keeping such a close eye on the cantaloupe for me:

KIMG1122 KIMG1123

Though I grow a small variety, the fruit isn’t THAT small.  I can’t see a rabbit carrying it 10 feet the way it was.  I suspect deer.  Maybe I’ll move a trail camera over to watch the garden……

5 thoughts on “Dammit”

    • My husband pointed out that we saw a coyote down that side of the yard just a few days ago. I said I don’t think the tooth marks look like a predator’s, but I guess we’ll see! I moved at trail cam……

    • Coon was my other guess.

      But I did move the trail camera to watch that corner of the garden, and the next night a young coyote that we’ve been seeing around came through and checked out the garden (I pulled the pictures yesterday). So I’m blaming the coyote I think!

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