5 thoughts on “Jalapenos”

    • Hah, if you do a search you’ll find all sorts of recipes for hot pepper jellies.

      However most of them are based on other products (green peppers, peaches, etc) with one or two hot peppers tossed in for a touch of heat.

      I do it a bit differently. I took your standard, low sugar, green bell pepper jelly recipe, which calls for 1pound of peppers, and swapped the 1pound of green peppers for 1pound of hot peppers. Presto, jalapeno jelly!

      Depending on whats coming out of the garden I’ll toss in a Hungarian Hot Wax pepper, or a Chocolate Habanero. Or two. Last year, due to the way the crop came ripe one batch ended up being half jalapenos and half hotter peppers. That one had some serious bite to it.

    • BTW, if you do it with all (or at least mostly) ripe peppers, like the ones pictured, it ends up this lovely red shade instead of the muddy green that jalapeno jelly is usually pictured as. All of the bright green ones have had food coloring added!

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