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I’ve spent the last few weeks dealing with sinus infections.  The first one wasn’t bad, I never even had to call out of work, and the antibiotic seemed to the job right quick.  Except I was constantly stuffy.  Which I didn’t immediately worry about, I do have allergies, then last week, wednesday, I suddenly had a bad sore throat.  Back to the doctor, on Thursday, by which time I had massive post nasal drip, sinus pain, and an elevated temperature not quite high enough to call a fever.  I’ve been calling out of work since.  Well, Monday I tried to go into work, I didn’t even make it through two hours before giving up.  Trying again today, wish me luck.

Monday night they were predicting a full frost, and infact we had freeze warnings for us and surrounding counties, so after a nap (after coming home from my aborted attempt to work) I went out and picked the large majority of hot peppers.


There was just one or two.  That’s 99% of the remaining Jalapenos, and probably 90% each of the Habaneros and the Hungarian Hot Wax peppers.  I only picked the ripest of the Buena Mulatas though.  I had to then take one more of the garden before the frost hit:


And one to document one more time the giant heights the Chocolate Habanero plants hit:


I was also amused to discover that the watermelon plants were trying to revive themselves and even had a couple fist sized fruit on them.  I debated pulling out the frost blankets and trying to save them, but I doubt we REALLY have enough time left in the season to get those fruit grown and ripe, so I didn’t bother.

And we did indeed get a solid frost:


At 8am, when that picture was taken, it hadn’t even burned off in the sunny spots.  The tomatoes and the watermelon did indeed not survive it.  However the hot peppers are all still going strong.  I’ve found that for what’s supposed to be a hot climate plant hot peppers in general have an incredible frost resistance.

I did find two more hibiscus plants (which I forgot to take a picture of, my excuse is I’ve been sick), both with flowers that are solid dark pink.  I planted them right with the planting of two of the bi-color hibiscus I planted previously.  The solid pink ought to set off the bi-color nicely.

4 thoughts on “General update”

  1. Hope you are feeling better by now!

    Hot peppers, although they don’t like cool spring temps (in my experience), will stand up well to a frost or two once they are adults. With the warm up expected next week, you may well be picking more peppers for another week or so.

  2. Hope you’re feeling better soon! We got our flue shots last week, but that isn’t any guarantee against sinus and bacterial stuff. I used to get terrible sinus infections every year in spring and fall until I had my front tooth, the one that was kinda dead from my brother smacking me face-first onto the cement when I was a kid, root-canalled. The inert material they packed-up in that void there took away the growing space for whatever was getting funky. Sorry TMI.

  3. I didn’t make it through work that Wednesday, but I did Saturday, and now I’m FINALLY feeling back to normal. Sinus infections aren’t unusual for me in Spring and Fall, but I don’t usually end up feeling like I’ve been sat on by an elephant either….


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