The last few days have been absolutely lovely, temperature wise.  Yesterday, even as winds picked up as a front rolled through, temperatures were warm enough I not only didn’t want a coat, but I was considering finding my shorts.

Today?  Well, the predicted high is 30.  There’s snow on the ground, though not much thankfully.  And I woke up to see this out the back kitchen window:


The pictures don’t do it justice.  That exposed root structure is now twice my height.  Minor damage to one fruit tree.  Not a big deal.  The concern though is that there are several more of those giant huge pines running down the far side of the property line.  Two of them lined up such that if THEY went over they’d crush the garage and might even damage the house.

I backed both cars back towards the road by about 15feet, just to be sure they’re clear of any such.  And a check around the bases of both potential problem trees shows that neither appears to be as soaked and spongy as the ground around the downed one.  I’d thought that the wind was starting to die back when I did so, but now its picked up again.  Guess time will tell……

5 thoughts on “Storm”

    • its horrid. I want spring now! *sigh* but this is upstate NY, which means we could get a foot of snow next week *rolls eyes*

  1. Good thinking on getting vehicles out of the way, just in case. A lot of people don’t think of those types of things until after something has happened.

    Thursday NH had a lot of downed trees and power outages. Mine never even flickered long enough to affect the oven or microwave clocks but the office I clean at night said they were out for an hour. Passed lots of line workers – even as I was going home at 9:30 that night. Was amazed that the willow didn’t drop anything huge, just little stuff.

    • There was a ton of power outages in the region, but ours never flickered. And amazingly enough, other than that one tree very little damage. Not even any major branches down. I’ll happily take it.

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