Feeling better

It was indeed an ear infection, and the doctor agreed that it needed an antibiotic.  ThankYouGod.

By Thursday I was mostly back to normal.  Still way to much post nasal drip, but no ear problems, almost no cough, no sinus pain.

There’s just one lingering symptom that I can’t cope with.  I’m utterly exhausted in no time flat by even minor activity.

I can’t make it through a full work day.  I barely made it through a 4.5hr shift Friday.  Came home and laid down and slept for 2+hrs and still slept soundly that night.

I’m HOPING that its just the end result of being sick for three weeks straight on top of basically not sleeping for the first week of it due to coughing so much rather than a symptom of something else.  But its frustrating as hell to feel “pretty good dammit” and not have the energy to do much.

Otherwise not much going on.  I need to get more seeds started.  I need to get the greenhouses setup and ready to accept seedlings.  I STILL haven’t done taxes (dammit, maybe this week).  Still haven’t finished this woodworking project which was SUPPOSED to be done back at the beginning of February!


2 thoughts on “Feeling better”

  1. Glad you got the ear infection under control but is sucks that you aren’t up to par yet. Sometimes we just don’t bounce back as easily or quickly as we used to which can be very frustrating. Hope you get back up to full strength soon!

    Stay warm and hopefully the Nor’easter doesn’t give you too much to handle.

    • Slowly getting more and more energy. I’ll get there….

      They’re talking a foot of snow here. SO not amused…..can we handle it? Sure, but I don’t want to!

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