I keep forgetting to post this.  The last time I checked the trail cameras we’d had an unexpected visitor (note, this particular camera keeps resetting itself.  Not sure why, so date/time are incorrect, all photos taken within the last month).

There’s video too, but I’m too lazy to upload that at the moment.  But that folks is a Barred Owl!  We’d been hearing them fairly regularly, but never ever expected to see one on camera!

And it puts me in a bit of a dilemma.

I’ve been wanting, for a while, to put up a Screech Owl nesting box, with the understanding that its the same size as what Kestrels want and either was fine.  We know there’re Screech Owls in the area, their whinny like call is very distinctive, and I’ve seen Kestrels within a couple mile radius.

But the tree where we planned to put that box is just out of the frame on those pictures.

And we now know for sure that the Barred Owls are hunting there.

And it is possible to build a Barred Owl box.

And with a Barred Owl box we wouldn’t have to worry so much about the squirrels maybe taking over the box as the Barred Owls eat squirrels.

Choices choices…..

6 thoughts on “Owl”

  1. LOL! A squirrel-eating owl? Go for it!

    I have thirteen trail cams out, have had for many years, and have NEVER gotten a single owl! I caught flying squirrels flying, on video on a camera that was false triggering on a waving weed, a hummingbird stopping by to check out the camera lens, even a hawk landing, then flying away. But NEVER an owl! Lucky be your middle name!

    I had a Moultrie go awry, just blinking and acting stupid, I gave up on it and put it out near where I had a camera stolen, as a dummy. No one has stolen THAT! Just my luck!

    • Several years ago now I’d put out a deer feeder block infront of the camera. Didn’t attract deer, but the local birds loved it. Caught pictures of a hawk eating dinner 😉 . Never expected to see an owl though!

  2. That sounds like a great idea! Think I will try that! Well, after I can get back out there with all this snow…Although, with my luck, I’ll just get umpteen pictures of deer and squirrels eating it 🙁

    I just ordered a game call (distress sounds) that plays a loop of sounds to attract predators. It has volume control and choice of animal sounds and plays intermittently. Should prove interesting!

  3. Those owl pics are cool! decisions, decisions on which owl to set up for nesting. Should be fun either way you chose.

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