Ya know…..

I’m finally feeling better.  Making it through a standard work day without feeling like I’m going to collapse from exhaustion.  Which is just awesome.

Then this morning I tripped over Arty.  Or rather, I avoided tripping over Arty, who ran right in front of my upraised foot as I was taking a step.  I managed to stop the motion of my foot in time to avoid kicking him, but the rest of my body was already to far into the motion.  I also managed to avoid landing on him.  So at least I’m the only one injured instead of both of us.

Urgent Care did xrays, and assures me that there’s nothing broken.  The doctor also says that since I have essentially full range of motion (albeit painfully) it’s unlikely I seriously tore something.  So, sprained wrist and elbow.  A wrist brace and an sling.  And I will say that as long as I keep my arm in the sling it hurts less…….

If it’s not better in a week I’m to see an orthopedic specialist, referral already sent.


In other news, I finally got taxes done, and due to the fact that Husband was part of the Verizon strike back in the spring, or rather, due to the fact that the Union paid out money to all striking employees who walked the lines during the strike, we owe over $600 Federal.  Not that we normally have a huge refund, we have things set so that we get less than $200 back from the Feds normally, but still, it wasn’t a bill we was expecting.

So far I’ve only got the hot pepper seeds started.  Gotta get the tomatoes in pots.  I had also planned to get the final pieces of this danged woodworking project done, since this is a slow week at work and I have several days off this week.  But I’m right handed, and it’s my right arm in a sling, so that’s not happening.  Maybe next week……

4 thoughts on “Ya know…..”

    • I’m really really hoping that this is fate getting it all out of its system (crossing fingers, knock on wood)…..

  1. OMG – we are going to have to put you in a wheelchair and get you a driver for that since you obviously can’t be trusted to not hurt yourself – LOL. I do hope that it was a minor sprain and you don’t need to see a specialist. Good thoughts sent your way!

    • Several folks at work were making comments about bubbles!

      Unfortunately it looks like I’ll be calling the Ortho folks on Monday, as long as I’m wearing the sling it doesn’t hurt, but pretty much everything else does….including getting dressed, you know its really hard to put on a bra without moving your elbow…..

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