Radial Head Fracture

So, my appointment with the ortho specialist for my elbow was this morning.  The majority of what I consider to be mild-moderate sprain symptoms had faded pretty well, but I was still experiencing some pain that wasn’t going away.

My symptoms are match for a “mild” radial head fracture, which apparently doesn’t show up well on xrays.  Dr Google came up with links that say it can take up to 3 weeks for it to show up!

Treatment is the same as what I’ve been doing, don’t over use it, keep it in a sling as much as possible, come back in 4 weeks.

I’m going to be so sick of that damn sling…..

4 thoughts on “Radial Head Fracture”

    • thats going to be the hard part. We’re starting the busy season at work, and I can’t help load mulch! Not that work is going to force me to lift something when I shouldn’t be (infact, they’re on my case if they catch me even looking like I’m considering it), but when I’m the only one in the department and I have to go find someone else to help load cause I can’t use an arm……arg!

  1. I’m sorry it wasn’t a sprain/strain. It must be frustrating for you – especially that bra thing 🙂

    • my husband was laughing at me cause I had to get him to help me open a new jar of peanut butter, cause I couldn’t get the interior seal off with my left hand cause I could tell if I tried to do it with my right it would be bad……*sigh*

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