My normal dose of prescription anti-inflammatory meds just isn’t cutting it with this bone fracture.  I normally take 15mg of meloxicam (aka Mobic) once a day, but two days after the initial injury I switched to a prescription strength dose of Aleve (without the prescription, but I’ve been prescribed it often enough that I know it).  Which helps more, but still leaves me aching and painful, especially if I move wrong.  But the last two weeks my acid reflux has been much worse than normal.  I can’t tell if its stress getting to me (my acid reflux is definitely stress induced), or if the Aleve is getting to my stomach.

Thursday evening I wasn’t paying attention to the time, I normally take the evening dose about 8pm, but at 11pm I was trying to figure out why my arm hurt so damn much when I finally realized I’d not taken my meds.  Took them and headed for bed.  Hurt more than usual all night, and woke up grumpy.  Which only got worse when I attempted to stretch before getting out of bed.  I know better than to try to stretch that arm right now.  But who’s THINKING of that when you first wake up and it doesn’t hurt right that second??

I think it’s finally back to “normal” now, over 24hrs after the late dose.  As normal as this gets.  Folks at work keep asking me when I’m going to be back to my normal workload.  My follow up with the ortho doc is in a week and a half.  But I’ve noticed no reduction in pain.  I’m not holding my breath for good news.  Its frustrating as hell because I’m trying very hard to be extra careful about how I use the arm to so as to not stress the fracture.  Infact, I’m probably wearing the sling to much, because I’m definitely noticing muscle stiffness in the outer edges of my otherwise pain free range of movement.  But I’d rather have to re-work the elbow back to normal movement range than spend another several weeks not being able to use it.  Not sure it’s working though.

Husband has been kind enough to help me start to clear the garden for the spring, but even with his help I’m not going to get everything done that I’d hoped.

Not to mention not getting much else done.


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  1. I just can’t imagine trying to deal with an elbow injury such as that, so feel you are definitely NOT whining. The frustration must be enormous too. Hopefully all this is normal and healing completely and within normal timeframe is in your future!

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