Everything’s planted, caged, got its water hose set, and mulched with straw!

Volunteer rattail radishes.  I knew I didn’t get them all picked last year, I didn’t realize how many I didn’t get picked.  Nice to know they’ll reseed in my climate though.

Volunteer potatoes.  I guess there were more surviving potatoes than I realized!

Black Pearl peppers, seeds given to me by a friend of mine.

Black Plum tomato.  Still my favorite tomato.  Mostly because of the flavor, but also for the reason shown in the picture above.  Thats a two-foot tall seedling, standing happily on its own.  They barely need caging till they’re closer to 4ft tall.

9 thoughts on “Garden”

  1. That’s a nice set up Ruth! I see the tires 🙂 What are those silver containers? I’m not a mulcher…mind you, this will be my first container garden. Why do you put hay over the dirt? Just curious how that works for you.

  2. Interesting about the stock tanks. I bought one of those very expensive planter boxes last year (on sale), and it is based on the same idea, this is just on a much grander scale. Thanks for posting the link! I can’t wait to see how your garden grows!

  3. Hmm, I want to relocate my current raised beds and am not happy with how they look (wood sides on top of concrete blocks). I could go for the stock tanks though. Heck, I could paint them if I wanted to. Maybe even be able to find an old one or two on CL for cheap. However, this being my 2nd year without a vegetable garden (too busy to take care of it), I’ll have to file that away in the back of my mind – where it will get lost :()

    • Start keeping an eye out for them now, At least here they’re hard to find used, at least in a size thats useable!

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