You may remember that last year I planted a bunch of hostas in an odd corner of the yard.  And that the reason for it was that nothing else was thriving there, except for the weeds.

Not only did they come back up this year, they’re almost all quite large and thriving!

Not quite sure whats munching on that one, one other one is being munched on too.


Top right corner there is one of the ones that didn’t come up big, but since we had to kill a bull thistle that decided to sprout right next to it last fall I’m just thrilled it came up at all.


Is that not the cutest little hosta plant ever?  Its called Blue Mouse Ears and I want about 10 more to scatter around that area.  Unfortunately that was the one expensive pot of the bunch, so I’ll have to settle for 2 or 3 most likely, assuming I can find them local again.

10 thoughts on “Hostas”

  1. Oh I love the name and the look of the blue mouse ears!!! We had some hostas growing around the garden here and there. We had an area that we wanted to block off a little because people kept trampling through the “short cut” of the lawn rather than taking the pathway, mostly delivery people, grr! So Alex transplanted a bunch of hostas there and they are THRIVING this year! We used them because they are really shade tolerant. It’s forcing the delivery people to use the pathway now, lol…

    • I’m delighted with how well these are thriving. Nothing else I’ve tried there did well at all. I’ll definitely be planting more there though, since I know that they should do well.

  2. I’m not aware of where you live, urban/suburban…, but I will warn you deer find Hostas delicious.
    I’m west Coast wilderness and often cover mine with bird netting if I see evidence of critter predation.


    • Rural, and with a deer problem. However I’ve had no problems, yet anyway (cross fingers, knock on wood, and hope I didn’t just jinx it) with the deer going after the hostas. But if they do I also have a very good deer repellent if needed!

  3. I used to have a Mouse Ears…wonder what happened to it. I have found that some of my hostas have re-seeded! In the walkway next to where the parents live. I have never seen that before. Pretty randomly and wide spaced. I too am rural, and have many, MANY deer, but never had any problems with them in my hostas. Okay, so give. What’s your deer repellent?

    • Plantskydd. It works extremely well as long as you’re ocd about applying it on time. I’ve got a post last summer or the summer before about it if you look.

  4. I’ve always had hostas and even when I lived in the country (versus the small town where I am now), I never had deer eat them. Maybe west coast deer have different tastes or less of a food supply than here out east?

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