Garden Update

Despite Husband’s and my best efforts the weeds are trying to take over the garden.  I shouldn’t be surprised I guess, considering I was trying to do everything with a bad arm (which is mostly back to normal at this point, thankfully).

Remember this baby tomato seedling?

I planted it a month ago today.

Here it is today:

ALready in need of a 2nd cage.  So much for not overwhelming myself with tomatoes this year.

Also, Bill Bean Tomatoes:

and Black Gypsy Tomatoes:

The corn bed, which has turned into potatoes and corn:

a volunteer Melon Pear plant!

There was a BUNCH of them in the two tires that I had the Melon Pears in last year.  I might not have been able to tell the fruit was ripe, but clearly that didn’t matter!

This year’s Melon Pear plants:


Black Pearl Peppers:

This year’s incredibly wet spring resulted in over 90% of my sunflower seeds not even sprouting, and more than half of what did sprout just dying.  I’m going to have exactly TWO sunflower plants this year.  Dammit.  I debated just covering the now empty tires with black plastic for the season, but decided this was my chance to try a BUNCH of different hot peppers.  Baby plants arrived today.  Hopefully the season will last long enough to get a decent crop!

I also had to restart a bunch of melon plants, for what is likely the same cause.  Though SOMETHING (insect not mammel) was munching the hell out of them too.  Not happy, though at least there everything is short season enough it should work out.

BTW, I didn’t even get those tomato seeds started till AFTER I broke my arm.  So beginning of April.  And they were still that big when I planted them mid-May.  I started 3 of the Black Plums for a friend and he couldn’t get over how big the seedlings were in comparison to the store bought ones he usually buys.  I have no clue what I do thats so different, but clearly it works……

I also got the deer fly traps setup and out today, a bit later than planned, but hopefully early enough to keep them from being a pain this summer!

6 thoughts on “Garden Update”

  1. Hi Ruth 🙂
    Your garden is growing so amazingly! I am having the same result with my tomatoes, they are busting through the chicken wire cage I built for them. I have to get out sometime this week to get tall cages for them. I’ve never seen black pearl peppers before, they look very pretty!

    • I’m probly going to double stack the cages for the tomatoes, which is what I did last year if you can find last year’s garden pictures. More than a bit awkward, but way cheaper than extra tall cages from the store! Not sure your chicken wire cages would support a double stack though. The stuff I use is “welded wire” fencing if that helps!

  2. That’s a smart idea to double stack the cages. I’m very surprised at how tall mine are growing already after just about a month outside. The ones I bought at the garden center last year in July were about this tall, but were already bearing fruit, mind haven’t started flowering yet.

    • Its hard to judge based on store bought plants. How they’re grown initially clearly makes a difference!

  3. Looks like most of the vegies are happy enough growing with companions (even though most gardeners call them weeds). I seem to think at times that they grow healthier and without as many bug issues when we aren’t strict weed nazis.

    • it wouldn’t surprise me! However the weeds can make it hard to keep track of what needs to be harvested, so I’d rather keep them to a dull roar at least!

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