I guess I was wrong, the carrots are happy!

There’s five varieties in that picture, two orange, yellow, white, and purple.

Either that or they’re desperately trying to produce before the weather kills them…..

Cause its awfully early to have tomatoes ripening too……

7 thoughts on “Carrots!”

  1. Your carrots look great! Congratulations! I haven’t even thought about checking mine, I don’t think the green tops are big enough to harvest yet, but I honestly wouldn’t even know! First time carrot gardener here. 🙂

    • Don’t go by the greens to tell if they’re ready. I’ve had greens that looked horrid with a happy carrot underneath. Instead take a finger and run it around the carrot top just under the soil and see if there’s a carrot yet. Generally once the carrot is wider than the greens base you can start picking an occasional carrot for meals. They’ll continue to grow, and some varieties will taste better once they grow more, but you can start picking fairly early usually.

  2. Thanks Ruth, I’ll be checking them today, same idea for the beets? I knew when the radishes were done because I saw them peeking out, but beets are another one that I have no clue when to harvest!

    • I’ve never grown beets, so I’m not sure. Taking a quick look, it does look like you can start picking once you get close to the 50 day mark or so, and that many folks prefer smaller beets. But I know crap all about them from personal experience!

  3. Lol…I know crap about them too, I guess I’ll learn as I go! Interesting…it’s been 73 days according to my calculator! Mind you the weather hasn’t been great, I’m going to check on them today and see if I have nice beets! 🙂 And the carrots too.

  4. Love the rainbow of carrots! Hmm, does seem a bit early for the tomatoes. But, with all the rain and plenty of warm days maybe conditions are just right. Or maybe that is an earlier variety? Are those Roma types you’re showing?

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