Dear 2017……

You can just go to hell now, k?

Yesterday, Wednesday, Husband and I decided to treat ourselves.  While we’re not huge Star Wars fans, it is the sort of movie thats fun to watch on the big screen.  And we decided to travel a few towns over to the fancy theater with the recliner seating and dinner while you’re eating.  Tickets are a bit more expensive, but not excessively so, and food was reported to be decent.

I can report that the food is indeed decent, and not horribly priced.  And the recliners comfy.

But we only got to see about an hour of the movie.

Their popcorn machine caught fire.

Pretty sure they had it out long before the fire dept showed up (which, despite the grumbling from other movie goers, was actually pretty decent timing), but of course once the alarms go off everyone has to evacuate.

We got vouchers for a free movie at least.


3 thoughts on “Dear 2017……”

  1. Geez…talk about adding fuel to the fire, what bad luck! Ruth, I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a Merry Christmas. I wish you all the best for the new year, with (hopefully) a great gardening season ahead! I got my seed catalogs already and I’m drooling lol…

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