Trail camera pics

We finally figured out what was wrong with the one camera.  Apparently one or more seals gave way, allowing water into the unit.  Put it into a sealed storage tub with some Damp Rid seems to have dried it out.  A piece of duck tape across the top in an attempt to seal the most obvious spot for rain to penetrate seems to have kept it from having more problems.  Cross fingers!

A quick selection of the pictures taken in the last few months.  First time I recall seeing a skunk back there, oddly enough I don’t recall smelling him.  Not as many deer as usual, but our apple trees basically didn’t produce anything last summer, so not a huge surprise.  Lotsa fox and coyote.

2 thoughts on “Trail camera pics”

  1. I had a skunk living under my shed for a couple of years. I normally didn’t smell it unless, of course, it got a bit excited. I had a family of two adults and 3-4 youngsters stroll along beside the path from the building to the dumpster at my night job and didn’t smell a thing (and I got a good sniffer).

    So, just be glad you haven’t smelled the skunk because that means your pups, or other wildlife, haven’t got him agitated.

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