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I’m hoping to return to work next week (Tuesday will be 6 weeks), I likely won’t be able to do my normal lifting, but I should be good otherwise.

We moved the automated cat feeder, again, and this time start feeding Trouble her canned food out of it.  This has significantly reduced Shadow’s interest in it, and has gotten her comfortable eating out of it again.  We’ll go like this for at least a month, and then look at switching back to kibble in it.

We had a huge February thaw this past weekend.  Temps in the 60’s, and it was 72 outside this morning!  Course, as I type this a front is sweeping through and temps are crashing hard.  Most of the snow melted, resulting in flood warnings everywhere.  We took advantage of it to set up my new greenhouse:

Husband did all the heavy lifting for me.  But now that it’s setup I can get my christmas lights strung in it and start monitoring temps.  I’m a little concerned about the bigger/taller space being harder to keep warm enough.  I guess we’ll see.  Average last frost isn’t till mid-May, so no matter how tempting it is  I really don’t dare plant out before then.

Pepper seedlings are coming along nicely:

I’ve re-seeded the ones that didn’t sprout, and rearranged so that the plants that were along the edges are now in the middle.  The soda cans are part of an online contest for a Facebook group I’m in.  To see who can grow the best pepper plant in a can.  It sounded like fun, and I had the seeds, so might as well!

Update: 4 strings of C9 christmas lights are holding it 30+ degrees over air temps.  I’ll take it.

4 thoughts on “This and That”

  1. Hi Ruth 🙂 I’m glad you’re nearly healed up. 🙂 Though the idea of returning to work wouldn’t be so appealing to me! The greenhouse is great!!! And look at those peppers! Lovely!

    • I’m used to being quite active at work. Being at stuck at home, in a situation where I can’t even work on major home projects due to not being able to lift significant weight, is driving me nuts. Not that I especially enjoy dealing with customers, but the lack of doing things is getting to me!

  2. Glad you are able to go back to work soon, Don’t try to over-do it. I can imagine how you must be going bonkers not able to do anything. Even though I am working (desk job), it’s killing me that the only labor I’m getting done at home is snow blowing and shoveling as I’m trying to let my shoulder heal.

    • Its so frustrating! On the other hand just being at work and the moving around thats required should tire me out well enough at first, so that’ll help!

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