I’d really hoped the local wildlife would fix this problem

Well “hoped” is probably the wrong term.  I LIKE cats, and I’m sure those two cats are perfectly sweet family pets.

But their life expectancy as outdoor cats is really short, and the sooner they’re gone the less I have to deal with them.  After my last post I got confirmation that not only are they intact, but someone in the neighborhood is having kittens in a couple months.  I also got confirmation that they’re spraying in/around our carport.

Then yesterday I pulled the trail camera memory cards, which I haven’t done in a couple months.

Several photos of at least one of the cats:

Which is proof of how far they’re wandering from home, since both cameras are on my back line, over 100 yards from my house.

But then I got to this video:

[videojs mp4=”http://www.scaryyankeechick.com/picture-s/videos/cat%20fox.mp4″]

Now thats a fox, not a coyote, and no, that cat isn’t as big as he looks.  But really?  There are also several photos and videos of coyotes on both cameras.  How have they not taken care of this for me yet??

6 thoughts on “I’d really hoped the local wildlife would fix this problem”

  1. I love our cats…INDOOR PETS…not feral roamers. We’ve talked about this Ruth, the feral cat issue. They spray under the car, it’s horrible. That fox looks big! Whey is the CAT chasing the FOX??? The world is going topsy turvy!!!

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