All I wanted was a hot shower……

The new water heater install worked perfectly for a load of laundry, hand washing of a variety of dishes, and Husband’s shower.

I decide I desperately want a hot shower before bed, because sponge baths just don’t cut it, and the cold water intake pipe pops off the water heater.

I’m not sure who sent a curse my way, but you can stop now……

4 thoughts on “All I wanted was a hot shower……”

    • I just got my hot shower.

      It appears to have been a instance of bad glue. But I’m not holding my breath. Just in case.

  1. Fire your FIL – LOL.

    Hopefully now that that little issue (not so little to you though) has been taken care of you will enjoy many years of blissfully warm water whenever you want it.

    • He told us that if this didn’t work we needed a current plumber lol, but he’s kept himself up to date, so he can do the plumbing stuff for the apartment building he owns. And its fine now, so yah, bad glue. It was just the final string in the whole mess!

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