Garden update

Getting stuff planted out has been slow.  The weather keeps peeing down cold nasty rain on my days off, resulting in me getting very little planted out so far.  Which is frustrating.

But some pictures anyway:


End of last year I put down black plastic on the tire beds, to kill the weeds, water of course collected, and this frog claimed this puddle, and steadfastly refused to leave even after I literally pulled the plastic out from under him.  A night in the dry tire eventually convinced him to move on however.  The other problem I’ve been having was the discovery that wasps were making nests under the plastic in several spots.  I THINK I got all of those taken care off……


We did pull out and fill Apollo’s pool, to his delight:

4 thoughts on “Garden update”

  1. Hi Ruth 🙂 Apollo is so cute in the pool! I have the “doggie” pool all filled out too for our huskies. I hope that wasp problem is gone for good! It’s been hot and humid here lately and I’m taking advantage of it! 🙂

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