Birds update

The last picture I took of the Song Sparrow baby:


Two days later it was gone.  I didn’t think it was far enough along to fledge, but maybe it did.  Or maybe whatever predator that feasted on its siblings finally got it too.

The last picture I took of the BlueBird babies:

They fledged early by my count.  Either I was off on exactly when they hatched, or only having to feed three babies meant they were able to grow faster.  The parents don’t appear to be setting up for a 2nd clutch, so I’ll probably pull down the Sparrow Spooker this week.

While I was getting annoyed at the House Sparrows for killing the Bluebird babies I missed them attacking a Tree Swallow nest.  That box is in a harder to see location, and I didn’t realize what had happened till I caught a House Sparrow going into the box with nesting materials.  The good news: no dead bodies.  The bad news: several destroyed eggs below the box.  *sigh* I’ll have to decide where I want to setup the trap this time around…..


2 thoughts on “Birds update”

  1. Horrendous year for nest predation! Lost our Willow Flycatcher nesting for the first time ever. Probably crows or grackles, but dang, I miss them.

    • damn :/

      I know we have flycatchers nesting nearby, but I’ve never found the nests. SOMEONE built a nest in my variegated willow bush, but then left it and hasn’t used it, here’s hoping it was a decoy nest instead of they got eaten by the neighbors cat!

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