Garden update, and notes to self

Thats one day’s harvest, over this past week.  Admittedly I’d not managed to get out to the garden in a couple days, but still.

Notes to self


I keep trying other varieties of tomatoes.  I need to just stop that and stick to my Black Plums and maybe the Black Icicles.    Nothing wrong with any of the other varieties I’ve tried but we keep going back to the Black Plums.

But if anyone’s looking for a good container tomato, you might try the Black Japanese Trifele Tomatoes.  1: potato leaf, very cool looking 2: they stayed much more compact than any of the other varieties so far 3: they also appear to be less affected by whatever blight or fungus or whatever it is that’s affecting the rest of the tomatoes this year.

The Bill Beans are a nice slicing tomato, but they’re so big, and take so long to ripen, that they tend to end up buggy.


Several of the new varieties I grew this year apparently need support.  Corbaci are falling over hard, as are the Shepherds Ramshorns.  Both paprikas are also falling hard.  The only thing keeping the cayenne’s reasonably upright is that they’re planted in one of the stock tanks.  All just from the weight of the peppers on the plants.  Meanwhile the Sugar Rush are having no issues despite the large number of peppers there.  If I grow any of these varieties next year I’ll need to remember to find a way to help support the plants.

Also, the Shepherds Ramshorns are barely producing, and the plants aren’t very big, that MIGHT be the fact that they’re behind the giant cucumber though.

Bishops Crown isn’t producing at all, though the plants look good otherwise.

Fish Peppers look ok.

Super Nova’s are iffy, plants don’t look bad, but they don’t look great, and there’s only a couple peppers there.

Datils and Peter Peppers both had a harder start, but look awesome now and have a ton of peppers on the plants.

Corbaci plants aren’t huge, but they’re covered in peppers.

The Hungarian Hot Wax peppers came back practically from dead, and now look awesome, now to see if the weather will hold on long enough for them to ripen.

Carrots suck this year, they’re all tiny.

6 thoughts on “Garden update, and notes to self”

    • Well, I almost always buy smaller carrots, but I prefer bigger ones out of the garden. But I’ll take what I can get.

  1. That is a good looking haul! Thanks for the notes on the tomatoes. I might have to look into getting some of those Black Japanese Trifele Tomatoes for a planter next year.

    Peppers are so weird. Even though they are a warm weather crop, I’ve had times when I despaired of ever getting anything out of them, but then they put on a big rush after a copule of cold nights.

    • Peppers are weird. And its been a weird summer. On the other hand, we just had our cool warning nights, so hopefully everything’ll start to ripen! Even the jalapenos are late to ripen this year, and they’re normally producing well by this time.

  2. Hi Ruth 🙂 Thanks for the tipon the Black Japanese Trifele tomatoes. Almost my entire tomato harvest was wasted due to some kind of fungal canker…I nearly cried my eyes out. But life is a lesson right? Our carrots are medium-ish, but I just started to harvest the potatoes and I’m SO PLEASED so far. The green and yella beans did so well, as did the lettuces, but everything else was just mediocre!

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