Didn’t mean to disappear, ooops

Just got busy.

And sick, cause god forbid I don’t come down with my regular fall respiratory infection.  I managed to avoid it last year by taking large quantities of Airborne (in the gummy chew form, the tablets taste nasty IMO).  I thought it might have been a fluke, but I stopped taking it after surgery, and of course I got sick a couple weeks ago.  Maybe I need to buy stock in Airborne.

Saw the podiatrist this week, he says that he doesn’t see the need to remove part of the toenail, and he couldn’t find a cause for the ingrown toenail problems.  He did trim back the corners of the nails of both big toes, and I have an appointment with him in two months to look things over.

I was hoping to do yellow hot pepper jelly this year with all the yellow hot peppers.  But all the low sugar pectins I can find are powders, and adding them changes the color of the jelly from yellow to golden brown.  Its not ugly, but its not yellow.  So now I need to decide if I want to try a full sugar batch, to be able to use a liquid pectin, or just live with it.

Husband has asked for jars of soup that he can take to work, that he doesn’t have to stick in the fridge, that he can just pop the top on and stick in the microwave.  He normally eats Campbells soups, but that requires a large bowl, and added water, and its not a simple work lunch like he wants.  Plus pre-packaged foods, extra salt, and all that.  My first experiment with a modified bean & bacon soup recipe turned out pretty decent, though it needs some modification for next time.  I’ll hopefully be jarring up a chicken soup this weekend, then he gets to experiment with adding pasta on the fly.

Now I need more pint jars…….


4 thoughts on “Didn’t mean to disappear, ooops”

  1. I am always on the hunt for Mason jars!!! 🙂 Have you thought about making your own pectin from apples? I’ve never done it but have found many videos on YouTube about it. Whenever I consumed/used pectin in the past, I got terrible heartburn.

    • Thought about it, we have apple trees, but never got around to it.

      Do you know what kind(s) of pectin you tried in the past? There’s a few different types, with different chemical makeups, and it could be that trying a different one would work better for you. I usually use Ball’s Low/No sugar pectin, but there’s at least two other brands of low/no sugar pectins, and at least another 2 or 3 of full sugar pectins, generally available for order. Plus various bulk bags also for order online.

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