6 thoughts on “Red Manzano Pepper plant”

  1. Hi Ruth! 🙂 So happy to see those plants! We’re still buried under snow, I can’t wait to see your crops this year. I’m going to try to get myself a greenhouse this year too!

    • That little porch of yours wouldn’t be a bad spot for a small greenhouse. Nice and sheltered. Though I don’t know what it gets for sun, which would make a difference.

      These plants are a large portion of how I make it through the winter, I start craving GREEN PLANTS in the middle of January….

      • Actually Ruth, Alex and I are moving soon!!! We decided NO MORE RENTING…we have our pre-approved mortgage and basically have a few more months to find our property/home and move. I”m looking forward to a nice sunny area for a garden and a greenhouse for the more fragile plants! I hope I can pull it all off! Oh, I’m CRAVING green…it’s unbearable!!! 🙂

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