I have good news, and bad news

Good news: Yesterday I spotted several Osprey and a huge flock of Tree Swallows, which means that the birds, at least, think spring is here, regardless of what Mother Nature might say

Bad news:  Mother Nature is still confused.  This is my front yard right now:


Good news: the coworker who was out for emergency medical is planning on returning to work next week!

Bad news: with my usual impeccable timing I have managed to come down with my spring sinus crud just exactly at the same time as when there’s zero extra coverage to cover my absence.  I spent several hours yesterday bundled up in ALL THE LAYERS shivering with a fever before the meds kicked in enough that I could cut back.  The only good part of this is that I found another doctor at my regular doctors office who believes in KILL IT WITH FIRE, and I feel noticeably better today.  Hopefully I’ll be able to go back to work tomorrow.

1 thought on “I have good news, and bad news”

  1. Glad your coworker is getting to come back to work. ARGH – you don’t need any sinus issues, or any other health issues! Great that you found a doctor whom seems to have the aggressive attitude you need dealing with the crud.

    Yes Mother Nature is confused – Yesterday morning it was snowing when I left for work. When I got home it had not only all melted, but it was dang near 60*!

    Getting a mix/snow tonight but not much expected. I’ll just be happy if I don’t have to use the snow blower any more this year.

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