Power Tool Bleg

I have just enough energy to be thinking about all the things I want to be doing, and no where near enough energy to do any of it.

But anyway…..

I mentioned back in the fall that I’d acquired a 6’x6’x6′ wooden box to use as the basis for a future greenhouse.  My goal for it this summer is to get it moved into location on the property, get the clear roof on, and a smaller door built.  If I can get at least one sides worth of windows on that’d be awesome.  But the roof and the door would mean that I could potentially use it next spring even if I don’t get the rest of it done right away.

But this means that I’m going to have to cut holes in the plywood sides and roof.  I currently have a corded circular saw (Black & Decker), a battery powered recip saw (18v Dewalt), and various hand powered tools.  The circular saw is a full sized saw, and its heavy, no way I’m going to be using that.  I MIGHT be able to managed it with the recip (which is lighter, but not lightweight by any stretch), but especially the roof parts, only might.  I know my limits, and having either of those up over my head and running doesn’t sound like fun.  Yes, I can get Husband to help me, and plan to, but still.  I may end up on a ladder cutting down on the roof instead, but then that’d be awkward too.

Best suggestion for the tool to use for cutting out the window openings?  I kinda have my eye on some of those little corded circular saws, but they’re not especially cheap……

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  1. I don’t know how much you’re looking at spending- BUT
    On one hand you have a Dewalt and battery (which is the expensive part on any cordless) so another tool from them wouldn’t cost as much.
    Or you could buy a complete cordless tool kit, generally the Ryobi and Porter-Cable are less expensive and they come with everything. Not to mention they’re lighter than the pro-grade stuff (Rigid, Milwaukee, Dewalt…)

    But looking at the Home Depot cordless tool combos in Seguin, you could get the same pro tools for about the same as a DYI type.

    The drills and impact drivers really come in handy, and you’d have a better, sturdier structur if you went with screws instead of nails.

    My Rigid tools have a lifetime warranty which I’ve use already.

    The price drop on some of them probably mean they’re trying to get rid of them to make room for the new generation of tools.

    • Well, I wasn’t entirely clear lol. I also have a Dewalt 18V cordless drill, and a Makita 18v Drill/Driver, when it comes to battery powered. I use both quite a bit, but the Makita fits my tiny hands better, and its the more powerful of the two.

      Its less the tool brand, though specifics are awesome, and more the type of saw that would work for the project in question, that I need.

      • A circular saw would be better to cut straight lines- windows in the plywood and 2×4’s to length.
        Since you have two cordless- got to your favorite box store and see which cordless fits you better.

        Get a Speed Square to help make straight 90s when cutting 2x4s.

  2. Hi Ruth 🙂 No suggestions from me, I have no clue about stuff like that, but I wanted to say hello and also good luck with your project! I’d love to have a greenhouse, I think that would help my tomatoes grow bigger and better.

    • Getting a head start even with my little greenhouse helps SO MUCh with mine! You’ll get there eventually!

  3. I would probably use a jig saw. It’s a lot lighter and more manageable than a reciprocating saw. Or, thinking on it further, a Dremel Ultra Saw. Just set up a straight edge and zip it along. Would still need a jig saw to finish off the corners, but that’s no biggie.

    • Yah know, I was just looking at that…..It pretty much fits the bill for small and lightweight.

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