Garden update

Garden is officially all planted.  It was 90% planted last week, but I ended up ordering some extra jalapeno plants, and those didn’t arrive till this week.  I swear I started plenty, but somehow when it came time to plant I only had half of what I thought I had.  Oh well.


The rest of the yard is a mess.  Its been so rainy that we’ve not been able to mow most of the property.

Its hard to get perspective in this, but most of that grass is taller than my knees.  And the ground under it still squishes when walked on.  Its going to be “interesting” to mow it all  once we can finally get the mower back there.

9 thoughts on “Garden update”

  1. Yay for getting the garden put in, now to sit back and be amazed at the wonderful array of things to eat from it. Okay, so “sitting back” also involves weeding and protecting from wildlife, but so worth the results.

    Mowing has certainly been a challenge in the Northeast.

    • True, but getting it into the ground is the time consuming part. Weeding at least can be done in bits!

  2. You are way ahead of me! I have a few flowers in and one barrel of lettuce. The lawn issue…egads, it is terrible this year. OUr son-in-law is using some kind of hammer mower to knock it down so he can mow it…sort of

    • If the whole mess with work and being sick had happened with slightly different timing I’d be behind too. But I’m glad I got it in, I enjoy working it over the summer.

      I don’t know what we’re going to do. I’d been thinking we could weed whack over the leach field, but now the whole yard is that bad….

    • We’re always on the wet side here. We’re less than 1/2 mile from a lake, and not much above lake level, so we’re always wet. But this spring is definitely one of the wetter ones we’ve had to deal with since moving here. Perfect example of why I garden in raised beds!

      • I’m starting to enjoy the container garden more and raised beds are smarter I think. Our winter has been long and snowy too and most of the lower ground is squishy and swampy too.

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