Garden update

The garden is not, in general, happy this year.  To much rain, not enough sun and warm.  In addition something has attacked a BUNCH of the melons.  It almost looks like borer damage, except that it happened WAY too early to be borers.  The good news is that most of the vines appear to have survived, the next question is if they can recover well enough to produce.

The last couple years the germination rates on my carrot seeds has been lacking.  I put it down to old seeds, most of my carrot seed packets are old due to the fact that I don’t grow that many of any one variety in a year.  So this year I decided to just do a quick broadcast spread of whatever was left of the oldest seed packets and then next year I’ll buy fresh seeds.

So of course every single freaking seed germinated *rolls eyes*

Here’s a picture of the carrot container AFTER I did some thinning:

More thinning will  be required, but at least this way they have a bit of room.

Here’s the celery tire:

And one of the giant sunflower plants (in a jalapeno tire)

Both the Hollyhock and the Foxgloves I planted last year have come back up, and the Foxglove have been blooming:


Here’s my updated garden plan for this year:

3 thoughts on “Garden update”

  1. Hi Ruth, ha! I rolled my eyes too when you said the seeds all germinated, ain’t that the way it goes? Lol… I should have grown celery this year, my gosh it’s now $7.99 for pack at the market…is there some kind of celery shortage or what? Isn’t that insane???

    • Ouch! I don’t buy it often enough to know whats normal, price wise, here, but Husband likes some in his soups and the like, and I couldn’t resist the pink varieties…..if there is a shortage I’m glad I decided to grow it this year! BTW, I don’t see why you couldn’t grow it in a small enough pot to bring inside, if you still want to grow some.

  2. I knew the outcome of your carrot germination rate story – it is always that way. I’ve done that with old pepper seeds. I have a hard time bringing myself to thin out seedlings – which is silly, I know 🙂

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