I actually had to water the garden!

Its been over a week  now since we last got rain here.  Which is kinda amazing.  There’s been rain in the area, but none of it fell on us!  So we managed to get the rest of the yard mowed, and I even had to water the garden!

The cucumbers at least are  happy:


And I finally got up a shade structure for the peppers that need shade:

Now to see if it’ll hold up to wind.

I put together this fountain/bird bath a few weeks ago and kept forgetting to post about it.  Its got a small fountain pump in the bucket, that pumps the water up, which over runs over the side and dribbles back into the bucket.


One of the random seeds that caught my eye when I was buying seeds was some dwarf pomegranate seeds, so of course I bought some:



2 thoughts on “I actually had to water the garden!”

  1. That fountain looks fun to watch, and I’ll bet it is soothing to listen to. Have the birds been using it?

    How is the shade for the peppers holding up – or haven’t you had strong winds to test it out yet?

    • I’ve seen at least a few birds using it, so so far so good!

      The shade is holding up better than I was afraid it would. We’ve had a couple thunderstorms with the matching high winds, and it hasn’t budged!

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