a request

Update: ok, its clearly a blog problem.  Using a troubleshooting/health checker plugin I narrowed it down to something specific about the theme I’m using.  So now to decide if I want to try to fix the theme, or use a different one.  Yay.


Over on the left side bar is a search option.  Can a few people try that search function and let me know if it works for them?  Something simple, like searching for “garden” ought to do it.  Its not working for me (I get an error message), and I’m trying to figure out if its my computer or the blog.

9 thoughts on “a request”

  1. I just tried searching for “bunny repellent”. Response was “The site is experiencing technical difficulties”. I use Firefox and it is up to date R 69.0.1.

    I’m a first time visitor here. Came via Kenny’s blog.

    Curious, what is “bunny repellent”?

    • Thanks! I haven’t had time to sit down and do the appropriate fixing unfortunately.

      Bunny repellent is a nasty smelling spray that makes the garden plants not tasty when the damn wild bunnies get the munchies. It MOSTLY works. Mostly being the keyword.

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