A few weeks ago it occurred to me that I’d never gone looking to see if I could get bread flour locally.  It would be odd if I couldn’t, considering the region, but my work schedule means that I can’t usually get to the farmers markets, so if I want something locally I have to actually go looking for it.  Did some poking around, and found a very local farm that grows its own Red Fife wheat, corn, and oats.  AND they grind to order and sell right on the farm.  Done!

I mentioned not to long ago that I’ve been playing around with sourdough, specifically I’ve been playing with King Arthur’s No Knead Sourdough recipe.  That recipe calls for KA Bread flour, but I’ve been making it with KAs All Purpose Flour, because that’s what I usually have on hand.  And because I can’t help but play with a recipe, I dust the dutch oven it’s baked in with corn meal, and I use warmed milk instead of water, and occasionally toss in an egg.  And most recently I’ve been adding a spoonful of local honey.

So, take that recipe, replace 2 cups of flour with the Red Fife whole wheat.  Dust it with the cornmeal from the same farm.

It doesn’t quite have the POOF of the all white loaves, but yum!  I’m not normally a HUGE fan of whole wheat, I don’t hate it, but I generally prefer white breads.  But this?  The flavor of the Red Fife is pretty damn awesome.