Home Depot Reducing hours stores are open

Press Release here.

The short form, in order to reduce staffing requirements, and hopefully spread of the virus, all Home Depots nationwide are reducing available shopping hours to 6am to 6pm, effective today.  Employees who normally work later shifts are still being scheduled for those shifts, but will now be spending extra time stocking shelves and cleaning instead of helping customers.

This is actually pretty big news.  Home Depot considers itself to be an emergency service and does its damndest to be open under all conditions.

In other news, I’m home today with the sniffles.  I don’t actually feel sick, I just have a runny nose and mild sinus pressure.  I’m fairly confident that its my sinuses, again.  But if I go into work with the sniffles we’d have half the city in a panic.  So I called out.  I don’t think I’ve EVER had a manager give me less hassle about calling out sick.  No one wants to trigger more panic right now!

4 thoughts on “Home Depot Reducing hours stores are open”

  1. Went to Lowe’s today for normal type supplies (spray foam insulation). Plenty on hand because no one is hoarding it yet. Plus they give a military/veteran 10% discount. Home Depot….what discount?

    • Home Depot does a discount if you have the right kind of ID. But that’s a corporate thing, feel free to yell at them. At the store level we’d all just like to be able to do them without the fuss. But every time we try they crack down on it.

      And yup, normal building supplies aren’t an issue, and I don’t expect them to be.

    • Well, another sinus infection actually, but no fever, no cough, no lung involvement, so yah, I’m fine

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