Birds nesting

Its definitely spring out there, finally. Birds are nesting hard. We’ve got our usual complement of Robins, including the one who figured out how to build a nest on top of the bird spikes on the solar panel shut off:

I feel like this picture needs to be turned into one of those motivational posters about persistence.

We, briefly, had a little war going on between a Chickadee and a House Wren, both determined to nest in one of the BlueBird boxes. Or maybe the House Wren just wanted to stop the Chickadee from nesting there, as he finally successfully threw out the Chickadee’s nesting materials and then never nested in the box himself.

Both the Bluebirds and the Tree Swallows are building nests in boxes, and the House Wren is nesting in a woodpecker drilled cavity in a half dead tree in the middle of the yard.

Then, last weekend Husband came into the house to tell me that someone was nesting on top of one of the supports in the carport. So I trundle out with the camera and sure enough:

With a little bit of careful lurking I finally got a look at the bird building the nest:

Looks like we’re going to have Phoebe babies this year too!

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  1. Spikes, to keep birds from nesting. You do realize that birds build nests from spikey material (twigs) right? 😀

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