Yah, I wasn’t exagerating

On 3/19, back when this all started, I did a small order from our local wholesaler.  Now I usually get cases of eye of round for the beef portion of the dogs’ diet, its usually slightly more expensive than the top round, but its packaged in smaller chubs which  makes it easier for us to work with.  But at that time the top round was listed at $3.83/pound.

Wednesday this week I called the wholesaler about doing another order.  We don’t NEED anything yet, but I wanted to keep the freezers topped off.  The wholesaler can’t get ANY eye of round, they don’t know when they’ll be able to get it.  They have top round, and its $7.34/pound.

Depending on your grocery store you might not have seen the price increase, but its coming folks.  Hang onto your hats, cause yah, I expect it to only get worse from here.

4 thoughts on “Yah, I wasn’t exagerating”

  1. I’ve stopped looking at prices when grocery shopping since a few weeks ago when I noticed that the prices had jumped significantly. Either that or I’ve gotten considerably stronger. I am now able to carry $100 worth of groceries from the car to the kitchen in one trip.

    • After typing this I went to the Wegmans grocery store next door to my work (bigger city store vs the smaller local grocery by my house), they had both eye of round in 5lb chubs and top round in 2lb packages for $6.80/lb as “about to expire sale price”. I might have bought as many as I could fit in my cart. But yah, prices are on their way up for everything.

  2. I don’t buy much meat, and mostly chicken anyway so am always shocked by beef prices when I go into the meat aisle. At least egg prices went back down – we were paying $4.50/dozen for store brand eggs a month or so ago. Fortunately I still had an extra dozen in the fridge so was able to ride out the prices until they came back down.

    I bought a large package of chicken thighs last week at a not outrageous price (I broke it into 3 packages and froze two of them). But I’m not feeding kids or dogs, and am not that picky on what I eat (not caring to cook, I can’t be picky 🙂 – so I’ve found ways to work around price spikes.

    • Chicken’s on its way up too.

      Luckily for me I get most of my eggs from a friend down the road, and she was able to keep her prices level for the duration.

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