Why are we spending the money

….On creating a whole new vaccine that may or may not be safe and may or may not be all that effective. When we could just be doing more research on this one instead??

yah yah, I know, politics, and we have to make it look good to the freaked out public, plus money, plus god forbid we not continue to scare the entire world into being scared of life

3 thoughts on “Why are we spending the money”

    • right?

      And the MMR vax is way safe. I’d expect that your doctor wouldn’t have an issue giving you a booster regardless.

  1. extra especially since they’re outright admitting that while the currently about to be available vaccines for Covid19 appear to stop you from presenting the SYMPTOMS of Covid, they may not stop you from TRANSMITTING Covid. Which kinda defeats the purpose since not everyone can be vaccinated even if they had the required number of vaccines immediately available.


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