Egg free cupcakes

I think one of the worst parts of developing a new set of intolerances at this point in my life is having to figure out how to modify my baking and cooking to produce the recipes I enjoy without eggs.

When you start looking for egg substitutes and substitutions EVERYONE tells you to use applesauce. I’m here to tell you that applesauce may work in some limited ways, but it is NOT a general purpose egg substitute, and honestly, I’ve not liked it in any of the attempts I made of it. And we won’t discuss using mashed bananas, ew. I haven’t tried tofu yet, but I’m not holding my breath. I’ve had a hard time finding commercial egg substitutes at the store. I’m not sure if I’m not looking in the right section, or if its a 2020 thing and they’re just harder to find right now.

However some things do work.

That is an egg free cupcake with nutella buttercream frosting.

Cupcake recipe here (note, the link here will take you directly to the recipe portion of the page). Frosting recipe here (ditto).

Note the lack of “egg substitutes” in the recipe. Instead she uses BOTH baking soda AND baking powder (in the self rising flour), BOTH butter and oil, sour cream, and vinegar to help boost this recipe in place of eggs. It works, it works beautifully. The big key is to not over bake them, the pictured cupcake actually only baked for 18 minutes, only bake them till the toothpick comes out clean and not a minute longer. To long and they turn dry, and it happens very quickly.

For the frosting you can use off brand chocolate hazelnut spread, but be aware that the differing oil contents do affect the final texture of the frosting.

ALSO, the pictured cupcake had been frosted and then frozen for a week! After being pulled back out of the freezer I let them set on the countertop for a couple hours and they thawed out very quickly and with no melting of the frosting at all!

In an attempt to not be depressing

While I’m not a rabid MCU fan, I do greatly enjoy the universe and have watched most of the movies, some of them I have watched enough times that I can recite the dialog along with the actors. I’m NOT watching the WandaVision show on Disney+, its not a style that appeals to me, though I may go back once its all up and watch it all at once.

I am however rather impatiently waiting for the Falcon And Winter Soldier show. And the latest trailer made me LOL.

2/11/21 Edited to add: Dammit Disney, can you stop being a dumbass long enough for me to get through this show at least? Please please pretty please??

Fancy Feast Canned Cat Food Shortage

I mentioned it before, that it was becoming hard to find on the shelves. I still can’t find any sort of official press release, or even news article on it. However after finding the Purina Fancy Feast FB page I found the following posts (screenshots so that folks without FB can see them).

And many many more comments like this.

I was able to order in a selection of mixed cases via Chewy, but the selection even of those was limited. If you have a cat who only eats these products you’re going to want to be prepared to order in bulk cases, or even have to find something else they’ll eat.

Its all connected

The COVID-19 vaccine will require billions of glass vials—but lockdowns are cratering the supply of recycled glass

When the coronavirus began to spread in the U.S., recycling rates started to drop. Some cities suspended curbside recycling; in other areas, the recycling centers that sort through waste had to close because workers couldn’t safely stay 6 feet apart. Several states suspended the bottle bills that pay consumers to bring containers back to stores. Some haulers started taking recyclables to landfills.


“We’ve designed our manufacturing process to use significant quantities of recycled glass, and so have all their other glass manufacturers in the country,” says Randy Burns, vice president of governmental affairs at O-I Glass, a major producer. “It takes less energy and heat to use recycled glass. So if you’ve designed your equipment to run on a high percentage of that, you have a choice to make if there’s no recycled content available. You can use more virgin raw materials, yes. But the equipment may not produce the same quantity of those products because it has to run at higher temperatures. And the configuration isn’t optimized for that input.”

Turns out that “non-essential” just means “some politician has decided we don’t need it”. But I knew that back in March 2020.