3D printing

Have I posted here about 3D printing before? I can’t remember and I’m to lazy to go back and look.

We splurged on a new Ender 3 Pro right at the end of last year (our hand me down 3D printer needed about $200 in parts, which is what the Ender cost, so heck with it). Last month I ran across this 3D pattern on Thingiverse, and had to print it. Then I had to order in translucent red filament to print it with. So here it is. I giggled madly, and then put it on a shelf to freak out visitors, cause it amused me so much.


So I added a small glass jar with mealworms in it to the heated bird bath (the heated water is JUST warm enough to keep the worms alive even in the cold nights). It took the birds a week or so to notice, but now the Bluebirds are even happily digging in the mealworm bran to dig out the worms. I’m calling success!

In other news, I used part of our stimulus check to buy a camera to setup to watch the main nesting box, Cause why not?


I can’t remember if I ever posted it here, and I’m to lazy to go look, but we put a camera on the bird fountain last year, and since its base is a heated birdbath we left it up for the winter. We’ve been seeing Bluebirds at it intermittently all winter, but this week in particular they’ve been hanging around, ALOT. Checking out the one nesting box that all the birds want, the bird bath, and so on.

I’ve ordered in some live mealworms, in theory at least if I put the mealworms in a cup in the heated birdbath they should be fine outside.

And I’ve ordered in an additional bluebird house on a pole, since thats the style that they seem to like here. There’s at least 3 pairs arguing over this one box already, so I’m hoping that if I put up another one in the back of the yard it’ll be far enough to entice in another pair.

And I’m sitting here watching them wondering if I can find a way to rig a camera to watch the one nesting box….


In the process of trying to fix something else I somehow screwed up the theme. Its going to be a long week. Also at least one person is telling me they’re having trouble with subscribe to comments, if you’re having issues please let me know here.

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