whats going on in stores by me

First up:

Took that screenshot off the HD website this morning. Hope you weren’t planning on building anything this year.

We’re selling lawn mowers faster than we can get them in, again. Walk behind or rider, doesn’t matter, chances are good we don’t have it in stock.

Powered and unpowered outdoor tools are in short supply, there’s holes in all the bays where we can’t get things, despite corporate throwing as many trucks as they could at us for the holiday weekend.

Patio furniture is D.O.N.E. We can get in TWO sets, and some odds and ends, and that’s it. And when I check online to look at other sets everything is out of stock.

Already seeing shortages in garden hoses and hose supplies.

Pool chemicals are almost non-existent. We got in a pallet of liquid chlorine on Friday, and by 4pm Saturday it was half gone.

SO FAR outdoor patio and wall block seems to be ok, but that season has barely started too, so we’ll see.

I will say, I saw my first case of 409 Multi-surface cleaner this week, haven’t seen that in over a year. Looking closer at the packaging I realized 409 is owned by Clorox, which explains why it wasn’t been a high priority thing this past year.

We still can’t get in toilet bowl cleaners on any sort of regular basis, and neither can either of the grocery stores I regularly shop at.

Paper products appear to have mostly recovered. There’s still random stuff missing, but you’ll only notice if you’re looking for that specialty thing.

Cat food is still quite short, as is some lines of kitty litter all the sudden.

The grocery store had whole wheat flour for the first time, I don’t know, months?, a year? this week. It was store brand, but they had it.

Sugar prices are through the roof, and its suddenly cheaper to buy some random brand of sugar I’ve never heard of instead of the store brand.

Bread yeast is in stock, but only in either packets, or as jars of “bread machine” yeast.

There’ve been no overt holes on the shelves, but if you’re looking for an odd list of specialty products, or specific products in specific sizes they’re often still not there.

4 thoughts on “whats going on in stores by me”

  1. At BJs this past week I saw a ton of 1-lb packages of “instant” yeast, strapped up as a 2-lb purchase. I forget the price, but it wasn’t shocking.

    I haven’t looked at King Arthur’s web site lately but I bet they are selling their WW flour at this time.

    • yup, and I have plenty of both, but the fact that the regular grocery stores still can’t reliably supply it is telling about the state of the supply chain

  2. Cat food and litter have been short for at least 6-8 months around here. Oh, your cat won’t starve to death, but if you have picky cats, they will have to be convinced they will starve before they will eat what was out there (MY cats anyway). It seems to be coming back the last couple of weeks – but maybe I just hit the stores at the right time.

    • Purina is making recipe changes and coming out with new formulas and variations in an attempt to get around the ingredient shortages. I’ve been doing ok ordering mixed case packs from Chewy. But locally I still can’t get what I’d normally get. And in an attempt to keep the shelves not so gapingly empty the stores have moved over the other cat foods to fill spaces.
      I’d somehow not noticed litter till the last few months. Maybe my local warehouse was better stocked or something.

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