A perfect example of the fucked supply chain

Fillmore Container is significant retail and bulk supplier of supplies for canning, candle making, and other such supplies for crafters. They specialise in glass jars of all kinds and the accessories needed to go with them for the above mentioned crafting and canning. As a canner I have found that there are often cheaper places to buy canning supplies, often locally, but Fillmore normally carries an awesome selection of products that’s worth keeping an eye on.

They just did a blog post on the company blog, detailing some of why they’ve had to keep prices high and why stock is still short.

Its all connected folks. And its not even close to fixed. Infact, it keeps getting worse. I’ll admit to a temptation to sit back and watch it all burn and enjoy my popcorn, but the reality is that I have to live here too. So STOP the fear-mongering over that damned virus, and figure out how to get it all working again. Or we’re ALL going to regret it.