Bi-PAP, CPAP, mechanical ventilator Machine Recall

If you use a Cpap, Bi-Pap, or mechanical ventilator machine made by Philips Respironics you need to go to THIS page, and on the right hand side bar click the “Begin Registration Process” option and see if your machine is one of the recalled ones.

Dutch medical equipment company Philips has recalled some breathing devices and ventilators because of a foam part that might degrade and become toxic, potentially causing cancer, it said on Monday. Foam used to dampen the machines’ sound can degrade and emit small particles that irritate airways, the group said as it announced the recall. Gases released by the degrading foam may also be toxic or carry cancer risks.

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This is receiving almost no media attention. Its expected to affect between 3 and 4 MILLION machines, and since most of these are going to be one machine per person that means between 3 and 4 MILLION people are going to be affected by this, 2/3rds or more in the USA. But hey, not Covid, therefor not newsworthy.

According to both my doctors office and my DME they are receiving NO additional information from Philips as to the timeline or expectation of when to expect help. Philips is telling people that if you can stop using your machine to do so. Since most people are not using these machines because they’re fun, infact, most people are using these machines because they are at risk of death or severe health complications without them, stopping using it isn’t really possible.

Philips is stating that they are still waiting on FDA approval for how to handle the repair/foam removal. Then of course they have to work their way through the LONG list of machines being recalled. Needless to say, even if they COULD start today it’s going to take them a long time to actually fix all the machines involved.

If you have had your Cpap machine for at least 5 years now is the time to contact your DME (or insurance company directly) and arrange a replacement. Unfortunately for those of us who’ve had our machines for less than 5 years we don’t have that option. Some people are reporting success in getting their insurance company to cover an early replacement, but many aren’t.

There is an inline hose bacterial filter that MAY stop bits of the degraded foam (but likely not the gasses) that can be added to some machines. My DME informed me that they are A: out of stock, and B: when they are getting them in they are reserving them for the ventilator patients first. I was able to find them at the above link. If you decide to order elsewhere make sure you check around, a basic google search showed me that some places are already jacking up the prices. Also, be aware that adding one to your machine may mean that your air pressure may have to be increased, I haven’t tried it yet, but that’s what I’m being told.

Resmed is the other major CPAP brand, and they are stating that they use a completely different foam and it is not subject to the same problems.