Oh yes, this is going to end well

Syracuse NY hospital shuttering 22 of its operating rooms as vaccine mandates take effect.

Now, priority will be given to surgeries that are medically necessary, time sensitive or involve critical-care trauma cases, the hospital announced Friday. Those surgeries will be consolidated into the 13 open operating rooms.

NY faces mass firings as health care vaccine mandates take effect

As of Sept. 22, state data shows, around 84 percent of New York’s 450,000 hospital workers and 83 percent of its 145,400 nursing home employees had been fully vaccinated. But tens of thousands of people are estimated not to have gotten a shot despite being threatened with losing their jobs.

Rochester NY area hospitals and nursing homes looking at having to close upwards of 1/3rd of their beds.

Watertown hospital and facilities could lose over 20% of its employees, notes that vaccinated employees are joining into protests against the mandate.

Seneca County NY asks state to rethink mandate

NY hospital having to stop delivering babies as mandate takes effect.

5 thoughts on “Oh yes, this is going to end well”

  1. And that doesn’t even count the affect that burn-out had on medical staff from 2020 (I have two nurses in my family that got off the front-lines at the beginning of this year because of it). Others have gotten out of the medical field entirely if they couldn’t transfer to a position with less stress.

    • One of the articles points out that this is going to lead to more burnout too, with fewer people to handle what was already short handed.

  2. My company just announced mandatory vaccination for all employees – even those who will stay at full time work from home status. This is a direct result of the government mandate.

    Doesn’t affect me, as I am vaccinated, but heartily disagree with the governmental mandate. And hey, what if I don’t want to do the bi-annual booster shot (or whatever cycle will be down the road)? Seriously, the main reason I got the COVID shot was so I could visit family in Kansas. If I’d known that the visit would be cancelled because of the variant going around, I’m unsure if I would have gotten the shot (most likely not, I’ve never had a flu shot).

    • Ugh. My work has been holding off making any such requirements, waiting to see what the OSHA rule works out to be I expect. If the OSHA rule requires it I fully expect HD will too. I haven’t decided how I’m going to handle it then.

      I just saw an article, there’s a hospital health care system in Louisiana thats requiring covered SPOUSES to be vaccinated, any spouse that’s not vaccinated will result in an additional fee of $200/pay period.

  3. “On August 5, 1981, President Ronald Reagan begins firing 11,359 air-traffic controllers striking in violation of his order for them to return to work. The executive action, regarded as extreme by many, significantly slowed air travel for months.”
    Firing of air traffic controllers is the precedent that comes to mind.

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