63 ships waiting to unload off CA coast

10/6/21 “The ports had 90 container ships in the port, 63 of which were waiting off the shore on Tuesday — a number far above the ports pre-pandemic average of zero to one ships at anchor.”

Ran across this site that tracks commercial ships at sea in real time.

For those of you who don’t want to click through, here’s a screenshot taken minutes before posting:

If you actually zoom in to a smaller area you can see that to some degree the congestion is actually the result of the big icons, but still, thats ALOT of ships.

On the other hand, the average consumer is actually waking up to the fact that the supply chain is a bit fucked. I had 3 different people yesterday ask me if HD had stock stuck in that cargo ship mess in CA.

Of course, one of them then proceeded to tell me that “they could unload those ships if they wanted to, they’re trying to artificially raise prices”.