Does anyone running this have ANY clue what they’re doing to the kids??

Yes, lets have the kids eat lunch in the rain because god forbid they might be exposed to a virus thats less damaging to them than the bugs they’ve been exposed to for YEARS.

Following the negative reaction from concerned Californians, the Davis Joint Unified School district released a follow up email stating that children will be allowed to eat inside “whenever possible” and stressed that the district is facing “unique challenges as we seek to maintain our students’ health and safety and minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection.”

Following that email, Principal Bourguignon sent parents a third email reversing course and acknowledging that some people were upset with the decision to force kids to eat in the rain.

“Some parents are very happy with our decision to have students eat outside and others are concerned,” Bourguignon wrote. “Our campus is not ideal for eating outside due to the lack of a solid walkway cover. In collaboration with our District staff, we looked at all of the alternatives. If during lunchtime, we have a heavy downpour of rain it will be challenging to eat under the covered walkways. “

“During a heavy downpour, we will have a staggered lunch with one grade level at a time in our MPR for 15 minutes with all 10 doors open and 2 air purifiers running. After 15 minutes, students will be dismissed to their classrooms for inside recess. If you prefer that your child remains outside to eat please inform your teacher and we will make accommodations to support your request.”

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I swear to god, if today’s kids grow up to murder us all in our beds I won’t even blink.

Edited to add: The AAP, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) and Children’s Hospital Association have declared a national emergency in children’s mental health, citing the serious toll of the COVID-19 pandemic on top of existing challenges. DUH!

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  1. Counterview: Eating out in the rain is an adventure for kids, so I’m doubting it would have anything to do with their tendencies toward violence in later life.

    • Once maybe, repeatedly no, and maybe if it was supposed to be a fun thing to eat outside and it rained unexpectedly it might be fun and ok, but sitting on the ground in a puddle while it downpoured and my sandwich got soggy and fell apart was NEVER my idea of fun, and these children are being forced to do so, they aren’t given a choice.

      And no, eating in the rain once isn’t the problem. The problem is what it shows about how people are thinking, or NOT thinking about how kids are being expected to handle this whole mess.

      Water fountains are shut down (they might spread covid don’tcha know), and I’m seeing reports that if they want to drink from a water bottle they first have to ask permission to pull down their mask, in some areas they even have to go out into the hall to drink. I remember being the kid who hated having to ask the teacher for permission to go use the bathroom “you just used the bathroom an hour ago, you can wait till lunch” was something I heard a lot. And if you think teachers today aren’t saying similar or worse to the kids asking to get a drink you aren’t paying attention. Never mind the other kids making fun of you because you got up to get a drink how many times?

      I’m seeing reports that kids aren’t allowed to talk during lunches.

      Special ed teachers and parents of special ed students are reporting that learning to talk and spell and read properly have degraded massively with masking. Parents of autistic children are reporting that their child likes masks because “they don’t have to learn to read faces”, which does NOT speak good things for that child’s long term ability to cope as an adult.

      I’ve now seen at least two reports, from completely different areas of the country, of teachers tying or taping masks to student faces, at least one student was a non-verbal downs child.

      Not only are children being damaged by all these various things, we’re teaching their peers that its ok to do these things to other students. To harass them because they needed to get a drink. That its ok to force masks on other children.

      Children’s mental health was deteriorating before 2020 anyway, but it went all to hell during the shutdowns. Never mind the learning loss that happened. We proved that was a thing among the kids displaced by Hurricane Katrina, but now its all a figment of our imagination??

      And it was all for naught cause Covid19 was and is not a significant risk for kids.

      Large portions of Europe never put the same restrictions on kids that the USA did, and those same portions have lifted most or all of the restrictions they did put. And in some countries its AGAINST THE LAW to try to mask kids as young as we’re masking, because of the damage it’ll do to their learning development. And you know what? Those same areas aren’t seeing kids dying of covid at any higher rate.

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