Please tell me this is out of context

I don’t have time to go listen to the whole panel, but really??

“We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it. That’s the way it goes.”

Dr. Ruben on the FDA panel

Because yes, that’s going to make already vaccine hesitant parents want to give this vaccine to their children who are already at such low risk from Covid19….

The study on this age group was less than 3000 kids, meanwhile we KNOW that for teens some of the side effects risks are approx 1 in 10,000, so the study group flat out isn’t large enough to have an actual idea of actual safety. They literally just confirmed that it induces apparent antibody defense.

But meanwhile, now that the EUA has been approved for this age group, multiple states and municipalities are prepared to MANDATE it for that age group in order to just go to school. Without any actual safety data.

And if you REALLY think that giving kids this vaccine will result in less Covid restrictions you’re dreaming. They’ve used that carrot for the last year and it hasn’t been true yet.

5 thoughts on “Please tell me this is out of context”

  1. Well, that IS how studies are conducted, give a shot, and look at the results over time. The shot for kids is under emergency approval, not standard approval, so nothing has changed from the adult version when it first came out.

    The CDC still contacts me monthly to see how I’m doing with my shot (I got it in April). Which, if anyone was confused or didn’t realize it, proves that the first shot takers were guinea pigs (which I realized when I did so – but I also tried to volunteer for the cross-shot study). After all, this is the ONLY vaccination the CDC has ever been interested in how I was feeling even the next day, much less 6 months later. The powers that be did not make that clear so many people didn’t (and still don’t) understand the difference.

    • I realize thats how studies are done yes. But they’ve not even completed the studies on ADULTS, the study on kids was short as hell and contained no where near enough people to be sure of what to expect. And now that they’re approving the EUA its going to MANDATED in more than one state for kids to go to school.

      I have a problem with doing safety trials on kids in the first place, I have more of a problem with doing so when we don’t even know for sure what the adult risks are. Now they’re going to be doing it mass scale on kids who’s parents don’t understand the risks, when the kids aren’t at risk in the FIRST PLACE.

  2. Sorry if I was unclear – I was not advocating for the mass child vaccinations (or even mass adult vaccinations), just saying that his statement isn’t wrong. And you are right, people seem to not understand that this is all a big study. long term affects, if any, cannot be known at this time.

    • I think thats my biggest frustration on this.

      I’ve had multiple people tell me they don’t understand how people can be so hesitant about the vaccine. Vaccines are good things! Why don’t they want to get it and keep everyone safe?! But they don’t want to hear the explanation either, any attempt at discussion results in “conspiracy theory” or you’re reading the wrong news or those numbers are exaggerated or the like.

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