Can we please just stop the fear porn??

Yes it MIGHT be more transmissible. But we don’t actually know that yet. What few indications we do have so far is that its probably NOT more deadly. But all that is just speculation and fear porn at this point. Attempting to stop travelers from some countries doesn’t stop transmission, we knew that BEFORE 2020 and 2020 just reinforced that. And screaming into the void about how everyone must now be scared of the new version is really no better than constantly crying wolf. There comes a point where people just stop paying attention and start getting annoyed. And we’re WAY past that point.

And I find it really really interesting that this particular jolt of fear porn is getting so much attention JUST as the courts are trying to argue out the OSHA stupidity, and the .GOV is trying to insist that they can ignore the courts and do what they want anyway…..

I think its good

I’m still running checks, but it really looks like all they did was change the admin user name for this one site. They didn’t even attempt to log into the blog using the new user name! I don’t know if I just happened to find it just as they were doing it, or if that was all they intended to do. Frustrating as hell, but could have been worse.

To be safe I’ve disabled a couple older plugins that haven’t been updated in a while, so there’re a few things not working quite right as of right now, I’ll hopefully be fixing them in the next week or so.

Having said that, if you get malware warnings when trying to do anything here please let me know so I can check into it further! I THINK I’m clear, but I’d rather know right away if something goes wrong!

Got hacked

Sometime between my last post and this one someone changed the main username on this account. Which isn’t accessible from the WordPress settings. And the back end settings (user name/password/all emails) haven’t been touched. So either my hosting company has been hacked, or has a hacker? Cause thats totally what I needed to deal with right now…..

(as far as I can tell nothing else was done, its weird, just the one user name changed)

Who or what is Tactical Sh!t

and why are they sending me spam emails? I did finally track down the website, and there doesn’t appear to be a contact page, or a “remove me from your fucking spam list you moron” option (ok, I know, no one actually has THAT as an option, but really, that’s really what it ought to be called). And I refuse to click on a link in a spam email that I never signed up for anyway.

I mean, is there ANYONE who actually LIKES being added to email lists without your permission? I know all it does for me is annoy me into black listing the website in question. Hell, I’ve STOPPED BUYING a much liked product because the company could not get their head around “stop sending me sales emails” even though I had “no emails” checked AND I’d used the unsubscribe option in the first one and they kept emailing me AND I’d then emailed them and told them to remove me from all non-order-specific emails and they STILL kept emailing me.