Compression socks

A couple months ago the Physical Therapist I was seeing for foot/ankle problems informed me I needed to started wearing knee high compression socks at work, apparently part of the problems I was having was fluid buildup. She said that if budgetary constraints were an issue you can get cheap bulk packs on Amazon.

So I started with a cheap bulk pack. 6 pairs for $15. And, well, they helped with the fluid buildup, but were otherwise horrid to wear.

Poking around further, found a pack of 3 pairs for $20, and a another set where each pair was $15. Ordered a set of each. The pack of 3 was slightly more comfortable. The single pair more so.

I ordered a couple more pairs of the singles to tide me over, and went on a research binge on compression socks. There are compression socks out there that are $50/pair! Or MORE! Pass! But all reviews agreed, the more you were willing to spend on them the more likely they were to be comfortable.

Discovered that Bombas has compression socks. They’re not cheap, $25-$30 a pair, and they’re funky patterned.

Here’s the other thing, I normally wear plain white socks. I’m very OCD about making sure my socks match, not just in color, but in style, because if they don’t match they feel weird like I’m wearing miss-matched shoes, and it drives me nuts during the day. All my socks are white, except for a set that have colored toes, but at least the colored toes means I don’t get them mixed with my other white socks.

But if I’m going to be wearing compression socks they were going to be VERY visible when I’m wearing shorts at work. And I don’t really want to wear white knee highs with shorts at work where I inevitably get really dirty. And black would just make me hotter.

So I said hell with it and ordered a set of funky patterned Bombas socks.

Guys, they’re SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE than the cheaper socks. I actually feel like I’m wearing socks, not nylons (sometimes called knee high pantyhose if you prefer that term), which is what the cheap ones feel like, and which I hate.

Lesson learned. I ordered a bunch more on Black Friday weekend. The cheap ones will be donated to somewhere.

Weird bonus, matching the funky socks back up after laundry doesn’t bother me, maybe because they’re so easy to tell apart? Donno, but I’ll take it!

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  1. I know you’ll hate this, but maybe you could begin working toward a sit-down job in the office. or sumthin like that.

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