2 thoughts on “I’ve been against single payer health care for a while”

  1. Distractions, I think.
    The vaccination mandates focus on effective employees, while exempting Congress, the judiciary, Illegal Aliens and welfare recipients. During the Obama era, the USPS forced the retirement of a large portion of the employees thus making room for a mass of the oppressed minorities. Our mail service has clearly been degraded. There is a website (lost that link) which lists the deceased airlines pilots. For years, they added a few names per year. In 2020 they added over a hundred. The vaccination may provide some protection from severe, adverse outcomes if a person is infected, but “they” are clearly hiding the adverse effects of the vaccination. My suspicion is that they sre hoping that the vaccines will create openings for their pets, through acute effects or from later autoimmune disease. I don’t think that “costs” and financing has anything to do with this process. If Fauci makes a few bucks, it is a small price to pay to rid the economy of the functional, “racist” Whites, who are blocking the advancement of their favored minority. HCQ and Ivermectin have been made inaccessible. A Group in Japan has reported a study showing that Ivermectin is beneficial against the “Chinese Virus” (SARS-Cov-2). That study should have been done in the U.S., but for some reason, we are not seeing such work here.

    The best explanation that I can see for the vaccine push along with the suppression of adverse vaccine information is to decimate the trained and effective working population so as to make room for what they see as the “oppressed”. “Co-morbidities” provide the biggest risk, but the high level of such untreated co-morbidities in the African American population is being ignored. That isn’t what I’d expect if the goal really was to save lives.

    This concept is easily dismissed as just another form of paranoia. What do you think?

    • I don’t think there’s any huge conspiracy. I think the various political PTB saw a chance to grab more power, make more money, make their friends in various companies more money. And are now holding on for dear life and attempting to keep it from spiralling out of control. The various dumb-assary of previous administrations (on both sides of the political spectrum) just made it spiral faster, and the fact that apparently that entire crew simply does NOT understand the basic concept of how supply chains work just resulted in a mess thats going to take years if not decades to fix.

      I do have to say though: SOMETHING happened, world wide, to cause EVERY SINGLE country and public health resource to ditch decades of known data and pandemic planning and prepared plans when covid hit. It wasn’t just the USA. The entire goddammed world reacted to covid like its ebola and completely forget how to handle it. I still can’t see major conspiracy, but I’d love to know who spiked everyone’s drinks thats for sure.

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