Chainmaille update

One of the bonuses to being stuck on the couch is more time to work on my chainmaille and start adding things to my site again.

I’ve had the idea for these ear-cuff/earring sets floating around my brain for a while, but was having QC issues with the scales that were available for purchase. It turned out that the solution was to buy plain scales, deburr them, and then paint them myself.

Then to top it off I found a lady on etsy who hand paints eyes with light reactive paints. And I immediately had to make up sets to match. I haven’t done as much painting of scales as I’d like, as it requires me to be on my feet in the kitchen to do it, but still, the colors I can produce are worth it.

And a batch of moorish rose “ribbon” bookmarks for actual dead-tree books.

Then I did up these fidget sets. These I haven’t gotten listed on the site yet, cause getting the video set is a pain. But here they are.

Then I was discussing with the guy who makes the hairsticks, about him having some of my chainmaille hairstick pendants to sell on the table with the hairsticks when he does Cons. He asked me to do up a batch of pendants so he could get an idea as to the selection. Since they’re easy to convert to earrings if the whole deal doesn’t work out I said sure! Here’s a sneak peak at a few of what I made up to show him.

In other news I’m healing well. My physical therapist approved my moving around on one crutch when possible. And I’ll be returning to work, 2-3 days a week, 4hrs a day, starting tomorrow. I’m still not allowed to drive, you need reasonable flexibility as well as the ability to tolerate a fair bit of weight on your right foot to be able to drive properly, but I’m hopeful that I’ll be there before the end of April.

3 thoughts on “Chainmaille update”

  1. Those eyes are stunning in both the earrings and hair stick pendants. Too bad I no longer have a reason/incentive to wear earrings, I haven’t worn any for over 2 years.

    When I started getting older (IDK, around 40 or so?), I had to have at least 14k gold – everything else would give me infections (I assume an allergic reaction). When I was younger, I could get away with periods of wear for some “hypoallergenic” metals as long as it wasn’t overnight. Over the last several years, even gold earrings would cause me problems if I wore them too long.

    • even some supposedly 14k golds have nickel in them apparently.

      I do have some titanium ear-wires if you see something you want to try! For that matter I can get niobium ear wires.

  2. Thanks for the offer, but I literally have not worn earrings since March 16, 2020. I’m pretty sure all 4 holes have closed up most of the way – plus, don’t see my ever wearing them again.

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