Dear NY, you suck

Not that this is new, but periodically they go out of their way to remind me.

I was browsing the news yesterday and this popped through my feed.

For those of you who don’t want to click through, basically it turns out that there’s a proposed bill that by 2050 the entire state needs to be no longer using natural gas. They want to switch all current natural gas users over to electric heat/cooking. The power company that supplies the gas an electricity for most of the state is, of course, not thrilled with this idea and the article is about their proposal to modify the bill.

The only GOOD thing (for values there-of) about this one is that it’ll affect the cities and suburbs more than it’ll affect the rest of the state, unlike the rest of this sort of stupidity. Once you get out of the suburbs most houses are heated with propane and/or wood or variations there of rather than natural gas.

But seriously, there’s a point where taking this whole going green thing to far. Electric heat, in this sort of climate, is expensive as hell. It’s fine as a supplement, but as the main heating source? People are going to freeze to death because they’re going to be unable to afford their heating bills.

And where do they think that electricity is going to come from? Oh right, all those solar farms they keep putting in while they shut down the nuclear plants.

And of course, this is on top of the requirement that by 2035 all new consumer cars in the state will have to be electric/battery. And the proposal that all lawn care equipment be switched to electric/battery by 2027.

Look guys, this isn’t California. Can we keep it that way?